In-Building DAS Solutions -HVAC


Saturday, August 29, 2009

HVAC in-building DAS solutions are gaining more and more traction, not only from wireless carriers, but from the building owner community as well. The ability to have a building wide solution with a potentially significant reduction in tenant impact is something that has become very appealing to owners and property managers alike. Further to the ease of installation, the commercial real estate community is looking for more differentiators to attract prospective tenants in a marketplace where location has never been more flexible at any point in time.

Hence the view that wireless amenities are shifting from a tenant nice to have' to a must have. But who should put these networks in? Enter the open network provider. Finally, after 10+ years of trying to find the business model and appetite, the open network is back, viable and gaining momentum through the delivery via HVAC. A wireless install is of no use if a tenant is not using the carrier that provided the DAS so more landlords are insisting that the DAS be operated and managed by a third party to ensure a level playing field for wireless providers and the potential to have all carriers available throughout the building, with a few strands of air for first responders and fixed mobile internet via Wi-Fi. We will be keeping an eye on this shift in the in-building landscape.