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Telecommunication Planning >

Preparing you and your organization for a wireless future.


Strategic Consulting >

Leveraging our experience to improve your success rate.


Wireless Network Engineering >

Finding solutions that address operational objectives of your network.


Program and Project Management >

We drive your projects and develop program plans for you.


Securing Permits >

Making everything run smoothly for your projects


Site Acquisition >

Ideal locations for all your project needs.


Renderings & Visual Impact Assessments >

Imaging to help with the visual components of your project.


Turnkey Installation >

Full outsourcing of your project.


Telecommunication Planning

  • Strategic telecommunication planning services for technology evolution
  • Digital strategies for smart city program development
  • Infrastructure management and monetization
  • Wireless protocol/policy and process development

Strategic Consulting

At FONTUR we leverage our longevity and experience by developing long lasting relationships with key stakeholders at municipalities, property management companies, industry vendors and building ownership groups.  This enables us to improve cycle time, success rate and to provide strategic services that our competitors cannot.

Wireless Network Engineering

  • Wireless Network Consulting Services – These services centre around helping the customer arrive at a wireless network solution that addresses its business and operational objectives.  The services include strategy development, needs assessment, spectrum strategy and analysis, operational concept definition, requirements definition, introduction of new technology, budgetary network design for costing, RFQ preparation, RFQ response evaluation, vendor evaluation and selection support (e.g. through customer trials).
  • Wireless Network Design – These services relate to the design of a network (In-Building or Macro), once the technology has been determined.  The services include RF coverage design, capacity and frequency planning, Safety Code 6 analysis, interference studies and other analysis.
  • Wireless Network Deployment and Validation – These services include wireless network implementation and deployment, in-field wireless network testing and optimization, drive testing, system/site-level trouble-shooting and remediation, and network acceptance testing prior to operation.

Program and Project Management

A cornerstone of our organization is our ability to drive projects and develop program plans for execution.  Having an experienced project management team in place ensures nothing slips through the cracks and keeps all team members accountable for client deliverables.

Securing Permits

Every community is different. Local bylaws, fiery personalities, powerful special interest groups and of course, politicians. We manage all of this process for every location, so your crew can begin construction within the timeline.

We have two key strategies on this front:
1) Expect the unexpected and
2) Always have a plan B (perhaps even C)

At FONTUR, we believe in the "No Excuses" style of business. We know there can be delays in any project, and it is up to us to effectively deal with it. On time. On budget.


Site Acquisition

We ensure that every project gets off on the right foot by listening carefully to your stated objectives. You have a job to do and Site Acquisition is one part of the project. By understanding the bigger picture, we can make better decisions on your behalf.

The Communities that we operate and live in have needs too. By listening and understanding all of the relevant issues, we can create viable, workable and responsible solutions. We can take care of everyone’s needs.We invest a lot of time knowing every market within your network.

Renderings & Visual Impact Assessments

FONTUR provides tower and antenna renderings to help visualize the proposal prior to construction. We work with you to tweak the design and colour, and understand the different views of the proposal. We visit the site to take high-quality photographs, and we provide before and after simulations in a presentable format. The FONTUR team’s advanced capabilities in visual impact assessment and 3-D modelling 


Turnkey Installation

Through our sister company, FONTUR is able to provide installation and turnkey services for the installation and construction of in-building systems, outdoor small cells and rooftop deployments and upgrades. This strategic expansion of our telecommunications services means provides you with the ability to fully outsource a project and creates strategic synergies that dramatically improve the overall cycle time from project inception to project completed and on-air.